Anderson wants to end 'regime'

Write-in candidate urges new leadership


John Anderson has been a police officer for more than 36 years. He began his career at the Castle Rock Police Department, where he still serves.

He has worked in command and administration for 29 years and as SWAT commander for the past 13 years. He is a native of the town and served as a captain until 2012, when new Chief Jack Cauley eliminated the department's captain and lieutenant positions. Anderson also ran for the sheriff's office in 2006 against Sheriff Dave Weaver, whose second term expires in 2014.

Anderson has been named police officer of the year and citizen of the year and represented U.S. law enforcement in Vienna, Austria, where he met with officials and heads of state. In addition to law enforcement, he is also a private businessman and rancher.

With the primary election scheduled for June 24, Colorado Community Media asked three identical questions of the two Republican candidates for sheriff.

Why are you seeking this office?

As the Republican write-in candidate, I will bring back our founding values to the sheriff's office. I was born and raised here, raising my children and grandchildren here. My duty and passion is serving our county - I take it personally. The entrenched 33-year regime is stagnant and an elitist culture of intimidation is the norm. New leadership is needed to challenge the status quo and refocus on public safety, customer service and responsible spending.

What makes you the best person for the job?

Thirty-six years in law enforcement, 29 in command - every division and budget, extensive training and education, unmatched volunteerism, real-world experience as a successful private businessman knowing the value of a dollar vs. career government management, and strong partnerships with citizens and fellow agencies. Programs I instituted earned Castle Rock national recognition - Top Safest Towns in the US, Best Place to Raise a Family, Best Places to Live, etc. I will bring that to our county.

What do you believe is the most important issue in the eyes of the people you would serve if elected, and how would you approach this issue?

Our main purpose is to serve and protect. The current focus is empire building, "use it or lose it" spending, and incarceration vs. public safety. My focus is partnering with citizens through community policing, evaluating a bloated $1 million/week budget and unionized step-grade pay. I'll let voters decide if $20 million/year sales tax continues for pet projects instead of public safety.

The sheriff is not to be feared, but to protect you from those that threaten your rights. My conservative morals and values will ensure we respect you and your tax dollars, and bring new leadership to restore our founding values. 

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