Artist knows how to fold ’em

Jessie Lo sells origami at celebration


The most popular piece of origami art that Jessie Lo sold at the Chinese New Year celebration was Pikachu, a yellow and chubby Pokémon character.

“Kids love the Pikachu,” said Lo, an artist of 3-D origami from Lakewood, “and the dragon. It’s more traditional Chinese.”

Lo, 53, began practicing her talent of folding paper about 13 years ago when her father passed away. As a coping method for her mother, who is now 86 and still crafting, Lo taught her how to make origami.

Both women were making origami, and the basement soon became full, Lo said, so she decided to sell the art at Chinese New Year celebrations in the Denver-metro area. This is the second year Lo has attended the Highlands Ranch Community Association’s celebration, and sold little 3-D origami animals.

“For the hobby, it’s good,” Lo said. “It’s not for the money — I only sell once a year.”

Because it is the Year of the Sheep, they were popular this year, she said. A sheep cost buyers $6.

Last year, she experimented with making a Broncos origami figurine. She used orange, blue and white paper, she said, and picked out a shape that most resembled a horse. It wasn’t exact, but people must have liked it, she said, because she sold all eight that she brought to this year’s celebration.

Pikachu is made of 900 pieces — paper that is folded then glued — and it took her a day-and-a-half to make one 3-D figurine.

But Lo enjoys spending the time making the intricate craft.

“I love people to see them,” she said. “You have to do something that makes you happy.”


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