Letter: Put people before coyotes


I read your article "Lessons on living with coyotes " and was very disturbed. The tips were informative but I also felt that I was learning how to protect the coyote more than protecting my dogs or children. My heart goes out to the lady who lost her Maltese to a coyote, but that little animal did not have a chance and died a terrible death. I love the environment but I love my dogs more and they don't have a chance against a wild animal. The coyotes should be trapped and moved to an area where they won't hurt our dogs or children.

Highlands Ranch is not in the wild country anymore and it isn't long before that little Maltese is going to be a toddler playing in their yard. We shouldn't wait until that happens before something is done.

In August, I was sitting in my backyard when a golf ball hit me in the face, causing a lot of damage. The remark was made "in 18 years that has never happened." But now it has happened! Do we wait until more small dogs or a small child is attacked by a massive coyote and dragged away to be killed for the dinner of those coyotes?

Prevention may be the key, and if I was the parent of small children, and I am the owner of small dogs, I feel that now is the time to do something, not after it has already happened. We should be more worried about our children and pets than protecting these animals. The article said they are used to living around people and are not afraid, so why should they be scared of a few air horns or rocks.

Just because it hasn't happened before (in 18 years) doesn't mean it isn't going to happen, and when that child is killed by a massive wild coyote, are we going to worry about how to "protect the coyote"?

Nancy Bertuch

Highlands Ranch


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