Studio combines ballet, strength training

DVDs let clients take workout on road, home


Creating the ability to take barre fitness — a blend of ballet and strength training — on the road or into the living room, Littleton’s Ballet Physique fitness studio has launched a pair of DVDs for dancers.

Barre fitness, around for 50 years, is hitting a stride of popularity of late. Designed to work one’s muscles to the limit using ballet-inspired positions, the method increases flexibility and is perfect for those just starting to get in shape or those already there.

“We’ve seen many of our studio clients rapidly transform their bodies and gain confidence, energy and grace through our workouts,” said owner Kristen Zurek, the lead instructor on the 60-minute “Signature Sculpt” DVD. “I wanted to produce our DVD collection for people who aren’t able to take our classes regularly, so everyone can have affordable access to this incredible fitness method.

“Whatever you want to tone, shape, get rid of or strengthen, this workout will do. It works faster than any other workout … and it’s a good burn.”

Zurek said one of the highlights of barre is that workouts are never the exact same, causing muscle confusion and adding core strength without the added bulk.

“Women are finding that they are stronger than they’ve ever been, but also smaller,” Zurek said. “Although the workout is for men and women, it really hits the parts of a woman’s body that most of us are concerned about, the thighs, the gluts.”

“It’s really for anybody,” said Kristin Skordahl of Highlands Ranch, the lead instructor in the 45-minute “Amped Up” video. “The clients love it because if they have a crazy schedule or go on vacation, they can feel like they are right in the class. The workouts are very similar to what you get in the studio.”

The DVDs present different levels of exercise and workouts, perfect for a beginner or experienced dancer — which is a similar concept to how the studio is run.

“For someone who has not done a lot of ballet, it’s not the type of stuff that takes years to figure out,” said Vanessa Graziano, one of three instructors at the studio from Highlands Ranch. “The videos and the classes at the studio both (highlight) basic ballet positions that beginners understand but trained dancers appreciate.”

“Amped Up” is a more accelerated workout that focuses on building strength and boosting metabolism through the use of five- to eight-pound weights and fast-paced exercises. Zurek’s “Signature Sculpt” works with lighter weights in the two- to four-pound range and focuses on body toning, gracefulness and more ballet-inspired techniques.

The Ballet Physique, Colorado’s first independently owned barre fitness studio, is located at 2539 W. Main St. in Littleton. For more information, call 303-955-1698 or visit

The videos are available for sale at the studio as well as online. Each DVD costs $19.95, but one can purchase both and get a free workout ball for $34.95. Introductory packages at the studio start at $20 for 10 days.


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