There’s really no place like home

Business turns dwellings into entertainment centers


Fernando and Debbie Salazar know a bit about maximizing home entertainment. They also know a bit about simplifying life.

The two have spent the past dozen years working alongside architects, interior designers and custom builders to help deliver the perfect, custom home entertainment experience — all at the touch of the homeowner’s fingers.

The couple, who got their entrepreneurial start in Miami, are new to Highlands Ranch, as is their latest venture, i-Homeconnect. As technology has evolved through the years, so has their business.

Specializing in bringing their clients music, television and ultimate control of everything from lighting to climate in a concealed, wireless fashion, the Salazars are big on what you can’t see — from a hidden TV to a bamboo speaker that blends in with the aesthetics of the room.

“It’s all about designing, cleaning things up, making your home so that you can walk into it and it’s not all full of electronics but it does everything you need it to do,” said Debbie Salazar. “You have the music, you have the TV, and you don’t have to point a remote at anything. You can simply take an iPad and turn everything on or off.”

“The industry has changed a lot,” Fernando Salazar added. “It used to be typically represented by the fact you had a controller in your hand that was geared to TV and music. Then over the years, they started adding stuff like thermostats and lights, pretty much point and shoot type stuff. In the last couple years, iPhones and iPads have just opened up the market entirely, because it’s all wireless now and everything is media-based. You can stream unlimited content into your home.”

As opposed to a remote that cost upward of $7,000 to run a complete home entertainment system a decade ago, now it’s one simple downloaded app on an iPhone or iPad that can introduce a person to their entire iTunes library, boost your thermostat while you are on the way home from work or lower your shades when the sun goes down — even if you are in a different state.

Everything is run from a rack-shaped server that can hide away easily in a basement or utility closet, eliminating the visual presence of mass electronics. With new construction, the Salazars like to do a consultation in advance of the master plan’s completion to come up with the perfect location for the server as well as to implement speakers into the walls and ceiling and decrease wiring related to thermostats and lights.

For more information, visit or call 303-214-8045. The business is located at 9337 Commerce Center, C-2, in Highlands Ranch, in the same space as Décor and You.

The Salazars offer free lunch-and-learn seminars for architectural firms, interior designers and custom builders. They also offer free consultations to interested clients.


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