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Time for superintendent to resign


Thank you for the coverage of the recent Colorado Administrative Court ruling, finding Douglas County School District in violation of the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

The judge found that the district paid $15,000 to an American Enterprise Institute writer, for a report backing reform candidates for the November 2013 election. The judge found that the school district later distributed the report to 85,000 voters, right after mail-in ballots were sent for the election.

Most appalling to me was the finding that the superintendent represented in a mass emailing to parents that the report was funded by private money. Earning a salary and benefits approaching an unprecedented $300,000 per year, the superintendent knew or should have known that, even if AEI gave money to the district, it became public money at the time it was given, and therefore was subject to the statute forbidding public money to be used for campaign financing.

At her level of compensation, the superintendent should be aware when she misrepresents to her parents and teachers, when she allows a private group to use the district as a conduit for its campaign contributions, when she puts the district's stamp of approval on a particular group of candidates, and when campaign materials are distributed.

Now it is time for her to step down and resign her position. It is also time for the reform candidates and district board to acknowledge errors, to report the contribution by the district to their campaigns, and to appoint a non-reform director to the district board to replace Justin Williams. The 48 percent of electors who wanted balance and change on the board should now be represented.

Jerri Hill


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I hope the following does not happen in Douglas County as what happened in Jefferson County - Very UGLY situation - http://youtu.be/zS3OytSHb1Y - Really don't want to see anyone resign. How about give things a try for a year? If it doesn't work, then consider the other options. Need to move forward.

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