Weaver speaks out on gun issues

Sheriff doesn’t see benefit in ‘restrictive’ new laws


More than a dozen Colorado sheriffs gathered in Denver in opposition to Colorado’s new gun restrictions at the same time President Barack Obama spoke at the Denver Police Academy in favor of the new laws.

The group of sheriffs, which included Elbert County’s Shayne Heap and was supposed to include Douglas County’s David Weaver, gathered April 3 at Thomas Memorial Park, within a mile of the president.

While Weaver missed the event for personal reasons, he issued an open letter to citizens of Douglas County two days later, outlining his feelings on the laws.

“I believe that more restrictive gun laws for law-abiding citizens will not have any positive effect on public safety,” he said in his letter. “They will not prevent another massacre in a theater nor another mass murder in a school.”

Weaver pointed to both the Aurora theater massacre and the Newtown elementary school shooting and addressed the fact that both of the killers had been able to purchase or steal guns despite concerns about the state of their mental health.

“The additional background checks still do not evaluate or validate the buyer’s mental health,” Weaver said, adding that the new measures would be difficult if not impossible to enforce.

“Tighter gun laws will not prevent criminals from getting guns,” he said. “The laws will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.”

Weaver closed his letter by saying that he will not disregard the new laws, but he also will not take any “radical steps” such as “ordering gun magazine roundups.”


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