STEM graduates leave legacy


Participants of international cybersecurity competitions and developers of apps that are now available on iTunes. Award-winning artists and musicians. A nationally recognized cup-stacking champion and gymnast. A Marine.

“This is the legacy you leave behind,” high school principal Cody Blackburn said to the graduating class of STEM School and Academy at the May 17 commencement ceremony.

The class of about 70 students wearing blue robes and caps sat front and center of the auditorium of the University of Colorado South Denver. Parents, family members and friends filled the seats around them. Laughter and applause periodically echoed through the room.

“Let's be honest with each other, we aren't going to be able to go through college and life alone,” said valedictorian Aatif Jiwani. “We strive off the support from our friends, families, professors and that random guy who gives us a pick-me-up because they are the ones that help us get through the day.”

Photos by Alex DeWind


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