Letter to the editor: A kind gesture


A kind gesture

As I grow older — I’ll soon be 82 — I have experienced many kindnesses, like people holding the door for me or inviting me to go ahead of them in line at the grocery store. However, today tops them all.

On Sunday, Feb. 17, my wife Lynn and I had finished our brunch at The Egg and I in Highlands Ranch and I was waiting in line to pay the bill when an extremely nice young man offered to pay for us and insisted on taking my bill. I am blown away by his man’s kindness and generosity. I guess that now it’s my turn to “pay it forward” and brighten another person’s day. 

Jerry Vahle

Highlands Ranch

A poor, partisan move

In the midst of working feverishly to ensure that no one’s vote counts concerning state tax increases (incessant attacks on TABOR), our Democrat state legislators have come up with a plan to change the way Colorado’s electoral votes are awarded in order to “make every vote count.” Apparently awarding Colorado’s nine electoral votes to the presidential candidate winning the most votes here hasn’t been working, so the Senate Democrats have come together and approved a scheme (SB 19) to correct this problem.

The solution is to potentially award our nine electoral votes to the candidate that voters in other, more populous states prefer, which coincidentally are majority Democrat. Colorado’s national influence in the presidential race would then drop to near zero. The real possibility that Colorado’s electoral votes might go to a presidential candidate other than Colorado’s majority choice is presumably OK since that choice might not be a Democrat; especially if they succeed in making this proposal law.

Generously assuming that the real goal is to “make every vote count” one would think a more equitable proposal would be to split the electoral votes as Nebraska and Maine do — or amend the U.S. Constitution, but apparently that doesn’t advance the real goal.  Our state Democrats need to explain how this proposal benefits our state instead of them just looking like tools of the national party..

John Grevillius



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