Letter to the editor: The system is not broken


The system is not broken

In response to Roy Legg, our electoral college system of vote counting is not broken. He wants to change it so that if Colorado votes for candidate X, but huge states like California vote for candidate Y, then our electoral votes would be changed to Y. This would cancel our votes to just go along with the crowd from California and other big states. 

Democrats were disappointed in 2016 much like the Democrats of 1860 when Republican Lincoln won the electoral college, but only won 39.8 percent of the popular vote. Just like 1860, the Democrats want to now change the rules.

In 1992, Bill Clinton did not win the popular vote as more people voted against him than for him. He did win a plurality of the vote at 43 percent and won the presidency via the electoral college. He repeated in 1996 with only 49.2 percent of the popular vote. By contrast to 1992, Donald Trump won 46.1 percent of the popular vote in 2016. 

What next, a dozen or more senators for California and only two for Colorado? Thus allowing a few big states to dictate to the rest?

We don’t elect presidents based on the national popular vote. Rather, each state independently holds its own presidential election via the electoral college.

The Founders knew that pure democracy is simply mob rule. They gave us a representative Republic to protect the rights of the minority. Don’t throw that away. 

G. Arthur Bentzen

Castle Rock


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