Letter to the editor: There’s conservative bias, too


There’s conservative bias, too

In reading the back and forth on media bias I noticed something interesting. What I noticed was that every time someone complains of media bias it is always liberal media bias. So I wondered, what about the conservative media bias?

Isn’t media bias the same on both sides? The premier conservative-thinking outlet, Fox News, is regularly labeled the most inaccurate of all the primary, large news outlets by respected, independent fact-check organizations.

If we think back to the very founding of Fox News, Roger Ailes said their news would be reported with a conservative perspective — that was to be their niche. In other words, he was telling his audience they would be biased! So why are these folks, who are so convinced the media is biased, not reporting the bias on Fox, for example.

I find there is bias, and some outlets do a better job of attempting to balance their reporting than others. The only foolproof way to adjust for bias is to view/read/listen to a variety of sources — and to form one’s own opinion. The worst way is to get 90 percent of your content from one admittedly biased source, which is what I have found most who complain of media bias are doing.

Paul Mauro

Castle Pines


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