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As the doldrums of winter settle in to Colorado, I tend to start dreaming of far off sandy beaches and new exploration. I know I’m not the only one. Travel is a #1 goal among my clients and for good reason: It’s healthy to unplug, relax, and recover. This is essential for business owners, and yet, few of us make the time to do it. Why is that?

“Someone just quit”, “it’s my busy season”, “I just lost my biggest client”, “business is down”… sound familiar? These problems haunt business owners, keeping many tied to their desk and even more to their phones. According to Glassdoor, the majority of workers use only 54% of their vacation time, and more than 66% work and check in with the office while on vacation. I bet numbers for entrepreneurs are even worse. Time away from the business tends to be a wise investment on many fronts. Consider this:

1)Travel makes you a better problem solver - Absent of constant stimuli, the brain tends to work on existing problems. Getting away will help you clear your mind which leads to better conflict resolution skills.

2)Travel encourages perspective – To own a business and create value for others is a great asset to be thankful for. In the daily grind of owning a business it’s easy to lose sight on why you did this to begin with. Stepping out of it allows you to see the broader picture of your life, where you are and where you want to go.

3)Travel lets your team work without you – When the boss is away, the staff will play… or they’ll work more efficiently without you dumping more on their desk. Not only does time away give them a chance to get caught up, but it allows you to see how well your business runs without you, a key element of a good business valuation when it comes time to sell.

4)Travel encourages creativity - Creativity is hard to manufacture on demand. It needs space and time. It needs new input, inspiration, and fun. Traveling will allow you that time to step back and see your business in a whole new light.

Travel isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, find the time to travel and you’ll be well rewarded.


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